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   Marg Arthur and Sharlene Wyness have used Animated-Literacy™ in their kindergarten and first-grade classrooms in Alberta, Canada for a number of years.  As they worked with the Animated-Alphabet™ Characters, they began to create paper bag and soda straw puppets for each character.   Their students enjoyed making and using the puppets for role play both at home and in school.   This personal, active approach to instruction made it easier for many of their students to remember the characters’ sounds and stories and aided in the development of phonological awareness.  Cutting and assembling the puppets helped their students develop fine motor coordination and control.  In this puppet book, Marg and Sharlene share the activities that they created for their students. 

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Paper Bag and Soda Straw Puppets

by Marg Arthur and Sharlene Wyness

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